The Antmaster IV - tempera, plexiglass, aluminum, ant projections.

Ants are projected onto a sheet of standing plexiglass. The non-tunnel areas are painted with black tempera paint. Documentation video below. (Needs newest Quicktime.)

The theme for this iteration is karma. Karma (in Hinduism and Buddhism,) is the sum of a person's actions in a being's lifetimes that decides their fate in future existences. It is believed that past karma must be cleared through hard work and suffering in the present.

Ants are viewed by humans as being very "hard working." Eastern philosophers may see the ants' selfless diligence as the result of having to work off past karma.

In "The Antmaster," Kuno tries to express how humans and other life forms (e.g. ants) are co-equal; they are all at the mercy of the same laws of the Universe (i.e. karma.)

Other Iterations:
The Antmaster II - Bermant Gallery. Click photo for documentation. The Antmaster Original - Westwood. Click photo for documentation.


Uncle Milton Industries for Ant Farm, Victoria Vesna, Jim Gimzewski, Art|Sci Center, The Bermant Foundation, Everyone at D|MA, Rebecca Allen, Rebeca Méndez, Togo Kida, Shaun Westbrook, Peng.
Ant Sounds courtesy of Jim Gimzewski and Paul Wilkinson of the Nanolab.

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